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ZPIC Audits & ZPIC Appeals - Regulations & Legislation 

Jackson Davis HealthCare has committed 10,000s of hours to evaluating Medicare coverage criteria, CMS payment criteria, Medicare audit outcomes and the effective & efficient submission of Medicare appeals.  In addition, the Jackson Davis HealthCare's staff has developed and maintains the nation's most comprehensive and up-to-date data warehouse of ZPIC audits & ZPIC appeals documentation resources and Medicare self-audit tools.

Jackson Davis HealthCare's proprietary documentation and Medicare appeals solution - the 
CMS PI Warehouse - includes over 10,000 CMS and CMS contractor documents and 125,000 reference resources of CMS, FI, QIO, CERT and HPMP guidelines and directives that directly address the CMS audit focus areas and provide a foundation for Medicare ZPIC audit appeals.

Medicare ZPIC audits are one of the most comprehensive compliance and Medicare fraud & abuse initiatives since the initiation of CMS program integrity efforts.  Although CMS has broadly disseminated detailed outcomes and focus areas related to the 
RAC Audits program, very little public information has been shared relating to the focus and impact of Zone Program Integrity Contractor efforts.

ZPIC Regulatory & Legislative Resources

The following is a very broad set of ZPIC audits & ZPIC appeals regulatory and legislative resources and it is designed to provide a first-step to self-evaluation of this CMS initiative.

Coding/DRG/Health Information Management

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) 


Federal Regulations

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